Actavis Malta


Generic Name:
Active Ingredient:
Isotretinoin 10mg, 20mg capsules
Antiacne Preparations
ATC code:
D10B A01
With perscription
Oral administration
Dosage Form and Strength:
Pack of 50 capsules in blisters
Decutan contains the active substance isotretinoin, which belongs to the group of drugs called retinoids, which are structurally related to vitamin A. It reduces the activity of sebaceous glands, which produce fat in the skin. Decutan is a prescription drug and is indicated for the treatment of severe acne, which does not respond to other treatments. It is recommended that the treatment is controlled or supervised by a dermatologist experienced in the treatment of severe forms of acne. Isotretinoin is a synthetic stereoisomer of all-trans retinioic acid (tretinoin). The mode of action of Isotretinoin is not completely elucidated. It is shown that there is a dose related inhibition of sebaceous gland activity and histologic demonstrated reduction of the size of sebaceous glands.
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SPC document

Decutan (Doc, 120KB)