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26 SEP 2011 / Actavis News


FIMBank and Actavis collaborate to ship medicinal supplies to Libya

An initiative by Malta-based trade finance institution FIMBank, intended to facilitate the urgent shipment of medicinal supplies to Libya, has been endorsed by Actavis, one of the world's leading players in the development, manufacture, and sale of first-class generic pharmaceuticals

Actavis,. which also operates a manufacturing plant in Malta, has also agreed to provide part of the required supplies free of charge. On its part, FIMBank will be waiving all fees and interest charges for international trade services connected with this shipment.

The initiative, in which other pharmaceutical companies operating in Malta have also shown an interest, has received the support of Maltese government and other public agencies which have expedited the bureaucratic process involved, including the Sanctions Board, the Customs Department and the Malta Financial Services Authority.

The shipment is expected to arrive in Libya over the next days, where it will be received by the Libyan health authorities for onward distribution to public and private hospitals in the areas affected by the current conflict.

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